Realtime-Q&A for conferences and Online-Sessions


Select your desired domain, define username and password for your moderator access and share your link. No registration, no bullshit.

To create your own instance, enter your desired domain:


The word subdomain is to be replaced by any word (letters, numbers and underscore/minus are allowed)


Your participants can ask their questions with any browser.

In realtime

All questions appear in real time for all participants.


In addition to the immediate publication, a moderated publication queue is also possible.

Extremely flexible

How can I use

  • For the collection and selection of questions during conferences

  • To support Q&A in an online product presentation

  • Setting up a panel in your stream or on stage to support the moderation

Possible uses

This is how can be used

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Any questions?

The most frequently asked questions (FAQ) are answered here. Contact me if you have any further questions.

Is free of charge?

Yes, this project is a "pet project"

What happens to the data?

Each instance remains in the database for 14 days after creation - as soon as an instance is older than 14 days, it is automatically deleted.

Is an extension of the 14 days possible?

In exceptional cases: yes. Write me an email with a link to your instance and the duration wanted.

How can I restore my moderator access?

Since does not register with email, there is no password restore. Please simply register a new instance.

How many participants are possible?

Technically, approximately 10,000 participants can be supplied with real-time tactualizations.

What are the moderation options?
  • "Whitelisting principle": In your moderation panel, set the visibility from new questions to "moderated". Only registered moderators see the new questions and can be activated by clicking on the question from the overview.

  • "Blacklisting principle": Click a question in the overview and use the "Modern" button to hide the question for others or delete the question by clicking on the corresponding symbol.

You have further questions? Write me an email